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Protective Gutter Covers

Protect your gutters from clogs and the surrounding ground from rain with gutter covers and underdeck protection from Affordable Gutters Inc. We serve residential customers throughout the Twin Lake, Michigan, area.

Quality Gutter Covers

Let rain in and keep debris out with our gutter covers for new or existing gutters. They also help keep out leaves, needles, seeds, twigs, debris, pests, bird nests, and more. Covers are very durable and help extend the life of the gutters, while little maintenance is needed.


This is the most inexpensive option.

Leaf Relief® Cover Covers

The covers are not visible from the ground. Since this is an affordable option for a cover, it is our most popular option.

LeaFree® Gutter Protection

Ideal for in low-wind areas, LeaFree gutter covers come in 15 colors, including copper.

InsideOut® Underdeck Protection Systems

These aluminum ceiling panels collect water from your deck and transfer it to a gutter system, giving you usable living space underneath. The panels come in 8 colors and 4 wood grains to match your decor. They are great for use with hot tubs, screen rooms, outdoor kitchens, living spaces, and more.
InsideOut® Underdeck Protection Systems
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